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Another Nameless, Nonini, collabo in the making?

It is a collabo that has been long overdue and now that the two artistes have been able to reunite fans can’t help but demand for a song.

The collabo is between Genge artistes Nonini and Nameless who have lit up social media with a photo of the two of them hanging out in the US.

Nonini relocated to the US two years ago while Nameless is touring the country for different concerts.

“Men who are examples of the hustle and not shortcuts or handouts #Kujituma nabado this chapter is not closed yet! Inshallah #Mgenge2ru,” Nonini tweeted.

The two artistes started their careers around the same time in the late 90s. Their last collabo was nine years ago with the song Furahi Day.

Nameless is famous for the hits Megarider, Nasinzia, Juju while some of Nonini’s greatest hits include Keroro, Manzi wa Nairobi and We Kamu.

Below is what some of their fans had to say.

“You guys need to do another song together. Furahiday was Massive and still is,” @Shiftercharliso tweeted.

“Boys & girls this is what we call a #GOAT pic,” @Bossman_DNA.

“Kwani ni furahi day?” @Bantonbenjamin asked.