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New anti-child pornography law divides opinion on social media

A new law which criminalizes posting of photos of children in various indecent levels of exposure on social media has divided opinion among Kenyan mothers.

The Cybercrimes Act which signed by President Uhuru Kenyatta last week, states that anyone who shares child pornography via the internet will face a maximum fine of Sh20 million or a maximum jail term of 25 years, if found guilty in a court of law.

The Constitution of Kenya defines child pornography as any visual depiction involving the use of a minor, or one appearing to be a minor, engaging in sexually explicit conduct.

The law also applies to parents who share photos of their children’s genitals or their naked bodies, on social media, meaning that parents now need to think twice before posting such photos of their children online as it may be interpreted as child pornography.


Why you should think twice before posting a child’s photo on social media

On social media, there are some mothers who wholeheartedly welcomed the new law:

“I like that let’s stop nonsensical things,” said another online user.

“Yes. A day old child photo inKuanga mbaya,” commented another online user.

“Serves us good, some of us are too much about posting such,” wrote another online user.

And there were those who thought otherwise:

“My baby my photos,” said one online user.

“Kama walinisaidia kubeba na kupush ni sawa if not I will post whenever I feel like,” commented another online user.