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Anto Neosoul to launch his long-awaited second album

Kenyan vocalist Anto Neosoul is set to launch his second album on Friday after an eight-year long wait. The album dubbed Welcome 2 My Soul is a beautifully crafted soulful sojourn into the heart and soul of the artiste.

The album is a deep dive into the emotions and vulnerabilities of a man in love and heartbreak.

Anto Neosoul’s sophomore 10 track studio album is the rebirth of a soul legend. Working solely with Kenyan based producer Dillie, who produced Anto Neosoul’s classic Paid My Dues, the two have created a classic for generations to come.

Featured in the album is Grammy-Award winning jazz trumpeter Owuor Arunga. The album showcases a journey into the essence of Anto Neosoul and a peek into a path that lovers take from the moment one eyes the love of their life. It captures the highs, the lows, the mountains and the valleys of love, told through Anto’s voice.

Welcome 2 My Soul is a reminder of Anto’s impeccable songwriting and singing skills nurtured over the years. He allows the music to carry his listener, spinning their emotions in a whirlwind of pleasant melodies.

Anto, who is also a radio and TV personality, is a celebrated, multi hyphenated artiste, with a reputation in the entertainment scene as a jack of all trades. He is undoubtedly one of the greatest voices in the Kenyan music industry.

The artiste was also part of the major Pan African TV show Shuga alongside Academy award winner Lupita Nyong’o. He is also one of the frontrunners in the Kenyan neo soul and has influenced the sound and style of new age acts.