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I apologise for my foul language during the campaigns – Uhuru

President Uhuru Kenyatta has publicly apologised to Kenyans for any offensive words he uttered during the heated campaigns in last year’s general elections.

In his State of the Nation address to Parliament on Wednesday, Mr Kenyatta called on Kenyans to forgive each other and strive towards unity and growing the economy.

“If there was anything I said last year that hurt or wounded you, if I damaged the unity of this country in any way, I ask you to forgive me, and join me in repairing that harm,” said the President.

“I pray that all of us will spend the days and weeks after this address repairing the bonds that frayed last year. Let us apologize for our words, and for the anger and malice that Kenyans heard.”

During the campaigns, the president and his deputy were numerously called out for utterances and innuendos they made on the campaign trail and days after the elections.

After the Supreme Court had annulled his August 8 election victory, Mr Kenyatta referred to the court’s judges as ‘wakora’ (thugs), and also called opposition leader Raila Odinga as ‘muguruki’ (a mad man).

The statement to reach out for forgiveness was welcomed by Kenyans on social media.

President Kenyatta also pledged to ensure that never again will a Kenyan lose his life for politics sake or property in the country be destroyed on account of politics.