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APs in Mandera issue boycott threat over unpaid allowances

Administration Police in Mandera County have threatened to boycott work from next week over the government’s delay in releasing their three-month service allowances.

The officers said they had not been paid after being involved in security operations.

Several officers who spoke to the Sunday Nation said they were unhappy with the way their seniors were handling the matter, adding that they were not treating it with the seriousness it deserves.

The officers claim they have been shortchanged by their seniors and that their counterparts in the regular service had been paid their stipends after they were engaged in the same security operations.

“We are the ones on pick-ups together with the Kenya Police Reservists (KPR) and are sent to face Al-Shabaab whenever there is an attack,” said an officer who requested not to be named for fear of victimisation.

The officer said a month ago a directive from the Inspector- General of Police requested a list of all officers who were involved in security operations so they could be paid, but so far the affected APs have not received a cent of their money.

Officers from regular police got their pay last week.

“We prepared an integrated list a month ago after the IG said we are one family under the umbrella of National Police Service. But its shocking as the regular police on the same list received their pay on Thursday and Friday last week,” the disgruntled officer said.


“Payments for the first quarter were also not made. We are not ready to lose this one. We had a meeting with our County Commander on Sunday over the issue but a week later, there is no response,” said another officer.

“We are the ones escorting buses in and out of Mandera together with General Service Unit who are on and off but they have also been paid. What about us? We shall not take up instructions from next week and most of us are ready to be fired,” he added.

Those drawn from the prison department also complained of similar hardships.

“We carry out operations in the name of money is on the way coming only to be let down the last minute. We have agreed never to go out for patrols no matter what,” said an aggrieved prison officer.

When reached for comment, Mandera County AP Commander Suleiman Rashid said: “Am attending a very serious meeting in Nairobi but all is well with the police fraternity back in Mandera and I will call back.”

Also speaking on phone from Nairobi, Mandera County Police Commander Job Boronjo said he was aware of the delayed payment.

“There are complaints from the APs over the payment but it’s affecting all the police because only a few were paid last week and am in Nairobi to find out what the problem is from the IGs office. Let the officers know that they shall be paid for the good work they are doing in the county,” said Mr Boronjo.

This story first appeared in the Sunday Nation