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Archbishop Harrison Ng’ang’a: Why your wife opens up to the pastor

Archbishop Harrison Ng’ang’a, the esteemed leader of the Christ Foundation Fellowship Ministry, recently addressed a congregation during one of his powerful sermons, shedding light on the reasons why many married women seek solace in conversations with pastors.

With a speech that resonated deeply, the man of God encouraged married men to listen to their wives, even when it may seem nonsensical.

In an impassioned speech, Archbishop Ng’ang’a urged men not to dismiss their wives’ concerns.

“Even if it makes no sense, just listen to her. Stop telling her that you do not want mushene! Why did you marry her if you will not listen to her?”

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His words emphasised the fundamental importance of open communication and the importance of valuing one’s partner’s thoughts and feelings.

The Archbishop went on to address the issue of tiredness and distractions.

“Don’t come home and say you are tired. Don’t watch TV and listen to her. We are not made to multitask.”

Stressing the importance of giving undivided attention to your spouse, he explained that women have the ability to multitask effortlessly.

Therefore, even if a woman is engaged in other activities during a conversation, she is still fully engaged and deserving of her partner’s attention.

To foster a successful and harmonious marriage, Archbishop Ng’ang’a advised men to set aside at least one hour a day to actively listen to their wives.

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He emphasised that by giving their wives this undivided attention, husbands can build a strong bond with their partners.

“She will gain weight without eating. If you stop, she will start looking for the pastor to tell him what you have ignored,” the archbishop warned, highlighting the potential consequences of neglecting a wife’s need for communication and understanding.

Speaking from personal experience, the Archbishop said: “I listen to my wife until 2am just to listen to her”.

He added, “Please take time to listen to your wives so that they stop disturbing us. Let us leave it to the single women to tell us their problems.”

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