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Are Butita, Mammito still dating?

Comedian cum scriptwriter Eddie Butita in a recent interview with a YouTuber gave vague hints at still dating comedian Mammito Eunice.
The comedian had come out to support his comic counterpart Akuku Danger, raise funds to offset pending hospital bills by performing at the 1 mic 30 artists. Upon being asked about his current relationship status with Mammito, Butita brushed off the question saying he should only be that question in her presence.
“That is a question that needs to be answered by two people. You can ask me when she’s around,” said Butita.
For the longest time now, Butita has been avoiding questions that relate to his love life claiming that such questions once answered in the absence of the second party are usually altered by the media.
“I am not a snitch. I don’t talk about people when they aren’t around. You guys in the media should learn that. You should be able to have a couple’s interview. Si ati unadandia relationship questions when we have come to do charity,” he said.
He added saying, “You will not get us. That I can assure you. We are very busy.”
Butita and Mammito have not been spotted together in public for a very long time, something that has left their fans speculating their reason to stay out of the public eye.
The comedian confirmed about a year ago in an interview with a local publication that he and Mammito were indeed an item. The funny pair used to make comedy skits together, something that ceased to happen.
Neither one of the internet sensations has come out to comment on their status quo ever since they went low key. However, judging from their social media engagement, they seem to be doing just fine ‘separately’.