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Are you also quarantined or looking for Covid-19 cure? Mutua asks Kenyan scientists

Machakos Governor Alfred Mutua has challenged Kenyan scientists to rise to the occasion during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic period and seek solutions like their peers other parts of the world.

“I challenge all our educated people, in education, business, communication, engineering, uko na Ph.D., uko na research degree unafanya nini kwa wakati kuchangia economic solution zetu zikuwe sawa, Agriculture ikuwe sawa, tufikirie hii mambo ya importation tuwachane nayo,” Mutua said.

Mutua also asked researchers, especially university professors and doctors to look for a cure or vaccine for coronavirus.

“Are you sitting in the labs trying to come up with a cure for coronavirus or a vaccine ama mko tu nyumbani. We’ve got very educated people with papers wanafunza watu mpaka wanapata Phds, Uko wapi, where is the solution you are giving to the world?” Mutua posed.

He asked Kenyans to stop depending on the Asians, Europeans and Americans for a solution.

“Are you waiting for someone in Europe, America, Asia, Australia and other parts of the world to find a cure then we import it?” He posed.

Mutua said a homegrown solution is what is needed and lack of funding should not be an excuse.