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Arguably Kenya’s 2015 ‘song of the year’ that no one has heard

The track is dope, the video is hot and the vocals are on point. But how come we’ve all not heard the song Unajua, a collabo between Gilad and TPF contestant Wendy Kimani?

Oh, and so you know, Gilad is the former Israeli deputy ambassador to Kenya.

They have both craftily fused Swahili and English lyrics to playact a scenario where they’re reminiscing about a love gone sour and venting withdrawal symptoms after their tragic break-up.

From the way the acoustic and muted guitars combine with Gilad’s raspy voice, you can readily predict it’s going to be a good listen as well.

Wendy tones down her sassiness to reflect the nostalgia of the moment while Gilad does his best to blend into the ghetto culture.

So why are our TV, radios or even the DJs – who always tend to complain and claim that our local musicians are churning terrible music – not playing the song?


The song was written by Gilad in collaboration with Wendy Kimani. From the beginning of the video you can tell that it was professionally done by a crew that knew what they were doing.

You can also tell that it wasn’t cheap because it was done by Micheal Antoine & Iraj Larik from Netherlands.

In the video Gilad is seen pushing an old black mamba bicycle or seated in an old dusty kiosk eating ugali madondo (bean stew with ugali) in a sprawling estate where the video was shot.

It seems the only people who have listened to the song are the people who go to You Tube to listen to their tunes.

It however has to be said that Unajua is a big win for all who were involved in its production and our radio stations should start playing the song so that those who don’t have You Tube can get to listen to it.