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Arsenal boss Wenger splits with long-time wife

Could the lack of spending be the cause of Arsene Wenger’s failing marriage?

The English media have carried reports that the Arsenal manager has separated with his 59 year-old wife Annie.

The reports suggest that some “official documents” said to be on display at Wenger’s hometown in Strasbourg show that the pair has not been together since June, when a continental judge granted them “judicial separation”.

This in essence means that the duo remain legally married, but no longer living under one roof and free to see other people.

If the separation is not challenged in two years, according to the reports, then Wenger and Annie will automatically be granted a divorce.

Wenger, who has spent 19 years at the helm of the London-based club, has an 18-year-old daughter with his wife.

The Mirror quotes an unnamed person suggesting that the split could in part be due to the fact that Wenger, who formerly managed French side Monaco, “never has time for his family”.

Understandably, Arsenal Football Club has refused to comment on this matter stating; “he is an employee and the club doesn’t comment on the personal lives of its employees.”

Interestingly, Wenger has exhibited some chunk of frustration in recent times, notably by pushing Chelsea boss Mourinho on the touchline during a league match last season, together with the consistent moaning towards match officials and during press briefs.

The French man is thought to be mean on spending the club’s money on player transfer. Could the same be true with his family life?