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Kenyan artists embrace Hennessy Cypher launch

Hennessy has partnered with Kenyan hip-hop artists namely Wakadinali, Steph Kapela, Breeder LW,
and Steph, on their journey to personal success.

The world’s number one cognac launched its first edition of the Hennessy Cypher in Kenya, which brought together these hip hop artists and cognac lovers for a bold, exciting mix of sound, visual innovation, and unique experience.

The Hennessy Cypher, which falls under the distinctive brand campaign – Never Stop Never Settle, focuses on pioneers who are making the creativity of Africa shine.

“Music means a lot to me,” Breeder explained.

“It is my way to express and release emotions, channel my energy, and most importantly my escape. Music is my everything. I kept the faith, hard work, and consistency to get to where I am right now,” the Bazenga Daddi hitmaker added.

Never Stop Never Settle tells the story of individuals driving this change by transforming their creative passions into thriving business ventures. In so doing, they boldly challenge us to see the world through
fresh eyes, a world where the old rules no longer apply.

Speaking about the launch, Market Manager Eastern African Moët Hennessy Alexandre Helaine noted that “We are pleased to launch the first edition of the Hennessy Cypher in Kenya. Hennessy is proud to collaborate with artists who constantly seek new challenges and push themselves to higher goals. They truly Never Stop, Never Settle.”

He further added that “Hennessy has a past and a definite future with music and will continue to
provide a platform for artists; blending music, talent, influences, and Cognac for a richer world.
The artists who are part of this Cypher are a true representation of the Hennessy DNA – Never
Stop Never Settle. ”

The Hennessy Cypher highlights Kenyan hip-hop artists, delving deep into each of their unique stories to discover their inner drive, confidence, passion, and talent that can create chain reactions and unite millions.

“I’m excited for everyone to see what we’ve worked on together. There’s a good mix of very talented people who were involved in the process – and it definitely shines through in the final product,” added Steph the Rapper.

These individuals exemplify a generation of innovation and leadership who break conventions to create a different world.