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Asbel Kiprop hangs up his spikes amid doping controversy

Besieged Kenyan athlete Asbel Kiprop has surprisingly announced his retirement from athletics while also stating that he doesn’t have the means to challenge the doping allegations he is currently facing.

The 2008 Olympic 1,500m champion and three-time World Champion over the distance made the announcement on Wednesday night via his official Facebook page.

He also pleaded his innocence despite accusations of doping from IAAF which have left him starring at a possible lengthy ban.

“I am financially weak to challenge my accuser, the IAAF whom I have always worked hard for to bring the best in me for the sport and myself. However, I’, rich in truth and sincerity, this seems to mean nothing,” said the 28-year-old athlete who has hired renowned lawyer Katwa Kigen as his lawyer.


“I do not have money to meet legal fees and find qualified physicians who meets standards to give their opinion on my sample and discredit any possible unjust reason to why the sample resulted to analytical EPO finding,” he added.

He went on: “I would like to let everyone, in this case, acknowledge the fact that I did not inject myself with EPO knowingly or unknowingly. Despite the fact that I’m willing to go to any possible heights in proving my innocence, it’s evident that regardless, I will not be able to win back my credibility not even if my accusers will be able beyond doubt to acknowledge my innocence.”

This statement is a sudden climb down from Kiprop’s actions a month back. At the time, he implicated the Anti-Doping Agency of Kenya while suggesting they could have ‘set him up’ by asking for money when they visited him at his home in Iten.

Kiprop also raised possibilities his urine sample might have been tampered with by the ADAK officials.