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Assa Nyakundi’s baffling ‘disappearance’

Police are looking for Nairobi lawyer Assa Nyakundi, who has been accused of killing his son, after he failed to attend court last Thursday.

According to the People Daily, the lawyer is being tracked down by detectives from Special Crime after a court issued a warrant of arrest against him.

Nyakundi has been missing from his home in Muthaiga and the Nairobi hotel in the Kilimani, Nairobi where he used to stay after he was arrested.

“He has not been seen and cannot be reached on phone. Our officers are looking for him,” the People Daily quoted DCI boss George Kinoti.


Before his ‘disappearance’, the investigative officers recommended the lawyer be charged with the murder of his son, Joseph Nyakundi, who shot dead on March 17 inside their family car.

“The first team of detectives had recommended that the suspect be charged with murder. However, some of the evidence and exhibits were deliberately left out when the lawyer was charged with a lesser charge of manslaughter,” said another senior officer, as quoted by the paper.

Nyakundi was previously charged with manslaughter in a Kiambu court but the Director of Public Prosecutions moved to court to withdraw the charges so they can charge him afresh with murder.

During the initially investigations crucial evidence were left out which weakened the case, that led to the interdiction of an Inspector of Police and a Sergeant based at the Homicide section at the DCI headquarters.


According to the lawyer the shooting incident happened as they were approaching their home in Muthaiga but further investigations by detectives showed that the younger Nyakundi was shot near Shell petrol station in Parklands and not their Muthaiga home, as the father had claimed.

CCTV footage obtained from the Police Integrated Command, Control and Communication (IC3) centre at Jogoo House also captured Nyakundi’s car — a Toyota Axio registration number KCE 753B — at the Museum overpass at 12.50pm.

The CCTV also revealed that Nyakundi’s son seen seated at the left rear seat. The vehicle diverted to Wambugu Lane at the intersection of Parklands Road near University of Nairobi law campus to join Limuru Road. The vehicle finally arrived at the Aga Khan Hospital at exactly 1.21pm with Joseph already dead.