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Atheist boss ditches Christian name

Atheist Society of Kenya chairman Harrison Mumia has dropped the name ‘Harrison’ from his official names.

Via a statment, he confirmed his wish to henceforth be officially referred to as Nyende Mumia Nyende.

The decision to switch identity is to enable him reclaim his African identity and emancipate himself from the Christianity mental slavery, he further explained.

“Today, I chose to reclaim my African identity. I have dropped my English name, Harrison and my name will now be Nyende Mumia Nyende. This will be reflected in all my identification documents. As the great Bob Marley once said, we must emancipate ourselves from mental slavery and none but ourselves can free our minds

“It is unfortunate that white missionaries convinced Africans that African names were not good in Christianity. It’s so sad when I see Kenyans calling themselves John, Mary, Magdalene and James. I truly commend the Chinese for having the foresight to stop these Middle Eastern religions from destroying their society.”

Mr Mumia also argues that Kenyans should begin to be proud of their ethnic indigenous names adding that the ministry of culture should encourage Kenyan parents to use indigenous Kenyan names for their children.

An atheist is someone who does not believe in the existence of a god or gods.

Mumia’s move comes at a time the Society is involved in boardroom challenges following the resignation of Seth Mahiga as its secretary general. Mahiga announced he was no longer interested in promoting atheism in the country and had now ‘found Jesus Christ’.