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Atheist group doubts Rachel Ruto ‘water miracle’ theory

The Atheist Association in Kenya (AIK) has doubted Deputy President William Ruto’s wife Rachael’s  theory that she’d purified water at her Nairobi home.

In a statement sent to media houses, AIK president Harrison Mumia says Ms Ruto blatantly lied to Kenyans she’d performed the miracle at her Karen residence.

“The fact that she says a miracle happened does not make it true. If Rachel Ruto wants Kenyans to believe her claim, she should replicate the same miracle in many other dirty boreholes across the country, and purify the water with them in a manner that is scientifically verifiable,” Mr Mumia said.

“The wife of the Deputy President, Rachel Ruto has sensationally claimed during a prayer session with clergy from Evangelical Churches at their Karen residence that she prayed for dirty water from their borehole and it was purified,” he added.

He further accused Ms Ruto of ‘hoodwinking the public into believing that miracles are genuine. As far as we are concerned, miracles are impossible under the laws of science.”

He said the claims were as a result from pure delusion, assumption, ignorance, confirmation bias, or just a coincidence.

Mid last week, Ms Ruto who met with members of the clergy said that they had suffered for years since the water at the home was unfit for consumption as it contained impurities.

The DP’s wife further claimed that they incurred heavy costs in installing water purifying machines in order to enable them to utilize the water for usage.

“My husband, the Deputy President, went into a venture and bought very expensive purifying machines and that is what we used to purify the water but it never worked,” she said.