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Atheists chairman Harrison Mumia loses dad

By Sylvania Ambani September 21st, 2019 1 min read

The Chairman of Atheist in Kenya, Harrison Mumia, is mourning the death of his father who died on Friday night.

Harrison shared the sad news on social media on Saturday, saying his father succumbed to prostate cancer.

And speaking to Nairobi News on phone, Mr Mumia said that his father had been suffering from the illness for the last one year.

“My dad has been suffering from prostate cancer for the last one year. He was diagnosed with stage four prostate cancer. I had come to accept it that my dad was having a disease that was terminal. It is a very difficult time for me. He was always there for me and my siblings,” said Mr Mumia.

Even after he denounced his faith to become an Atheist, he says his father has always treated him kindly and would try to make him change his mind about his beliefs.

“When my parents knew that I was an atheist, of course they were concerned because they come from a very strong Christian background. There was a time I had a conversation with him and he told me there has to be a supernatural being that things do not just happen. We used to urge about the existence of God,” explained Mr Mumia.

He adds: “Death is just a part of life, there is no supernatural being. For me, I look at it in terms of why he died. He died of a disease we know has no cure. When he was diagnosed with cancer, I knew this was coming cancer is a disease which has no cure.”