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Atheists warn Nairobi MCAs against planned ban of commercial sex

By HILARY KIMUYU December 3rd, 2017 1 min read

Atheists in Kenya (AIK) are demanding the repel of a motion in the Nairobi County Assembly which, if passed, will prohibit commercial sex in the capital.

In a statement posted on Facebook by the its president, Harrison Mumia, AIK has termed the legislation as a retrogressive law that will violate human and civil rights of commercial sex workers.

The group also stated that banning commercial sex will not guarantee an end to sex trade, saying no law has succeeded in stopping the practice in the past.

“We are asking the Nairobi County Assembly to repeal this law within 14 days, or face unspecified action aimed at protecting the rights of prostitutes in Nairobi,” Mumia said in his statement.

The group has instead asked the assembly to consider legalizing commercial sex.


On Friday, Nairobi County government set in motion debate seeking to prohibit commercial sex in the county.

The motion was moved by Woodley/Kenyatta Golf Course MCA Mwangi Abraham Njihia and seconded by ODM nominated MCA Mellab Atema.

The debate will proceed on Tuesday, December 5 when the MCAs resume their sittings from the weekend break.

But AIK is already reading malice in the motion that is yet to be passed, arguing that commercial sex is in no way illegal provided those involved are consenting adults.

“Prostitution is the provision of sexual services for negotiated payment between consenting adults. So defined, prostitution is a service industry like any other in which people exchange skills for money or other reward,” Mumia said.

He further said nobody’s human or civil rights should be violated on the basis of their trade, occupation, work, calling or profession.