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Atheists’ High Priest finds love… and God’s written word

They say love has the power to change lives, and this appears to be the case for the chairman of Atheists in Kenya, Harrison Mumia, who seems to have become a believer if a post he uploaded on Instagram is anything to go by.

Mumia posted a picture of herself and a woman inside a private car. But it is the caption of the picture that has left social media abuzz.

The outspoken self-proclaimed atheist quoted a popular verse from the Bible which talks about the holy matrimony.

However, at the end he concludes with the hashtag atheism.

“Mark 10:9 – Therefore what God has joined together, let no one separate.” #atheism,” wrote Mr Mumia.

Whether cupid’s arrow was able to make him change his convictions about God or not, Kenyans had a field day with his current status.

“Am happy uv started reasoning well…God is great,” said Havilla Louciey.

“You read what you don’t believe in!!! I want to believe that something is turning around in your live mr,” said Sharon Odero.

“The fact that you can quote the Bible is enough. Ameen,” stated Carly Ann.

“Congrats bro, a Good wife is a blessing from GOD…. Say hi to mulamwa,” commented Charly Black.

“Somebody shout amen,” said Nyamari.

“Wow God of wonders has changed you, Tembea na Yesu sasa,” said Abby Cherestal.