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Atheists in Kenya condemn George Floyd’s killing

The Atheists In Kenya (AIK) has spoken out on the ongoing demonstrations in the United States of America over George Floyd’s murder.

In a statement released on Saturday evening, AIK condemned the killing, while calling for the unity of people of all races.

Mr Floyd died after being assaulted by a police officer while he was handcuff.

The harrowing incident was captured in a viral video that has sparked global outrage.

“We are broken, we are sad. We are upset. We are hurt. We are frustrated. Most importantly, we are human,” Atheists In Kenya said their statement.

“We are tired of peoples’ lives evaluated and determined by the colour of their skin. And we are saddened that in 2020 we are still having the same discussions about the value of black life and those of other minority groups,” the statement read.

The death of Mr Floyd has attracted condemnation across the globe from people who called for the arrest of the officers who were involved in the incident that  happened in Minneapolis.