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Atheists in Kenya laud government for not reopening places of worship

The Atheist community in Kenya have applauded President Uhuru Kenyatta’s decision not to reopen churches and other religious institutions in the country.

In a press statement, the community urged the government not to be persuaded by the calls being made by religious leaders and rather rely on scientific statistics.


“It is not lost on us that some church leaders have been calling for the government to allow churches to reopen, despite statistics showing that the country has recorded 1,510 new cases, up 830 cases since the last extension on ban of gathering in May. Such calls are deplorable under the current circumstances,” Atheists in Kenya Assistant Secretary,  Kio Kinuthia, said.

“The government should always be guided by the science on coronavirus and should never bend to religious persuasions in matters of public health,” he added.

Mr Kinuthia further blamed churches for noise pollution in many residential areas across the country.


“We also note that before the Kenya government imposed a ban on public gatherings, noise pollution by churches was the norm in many residential areas. Since the ban on public gatherings many Kenyans continue to experience tranquil, peace and quiet in their neighbourhoods,” he said.

President Uhuru Kenyatta on Saturday said that all public gatherings are still not allowed.

However, regarding places of worship officials from the National Emergency Response Committee (Nerc) will hold meetings with religious leaders to discuss the different scenarios that can allow the opening of churches and mosques.