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Atheists leader offers to host ladies-only bash on election day

By NAIRA HABIB October 16th, 2017 1 min read

The chairman of the Atheist in Kenya has offered to host a party at his on election day.

Potential attendants need only to meet two qualifications; be a woman and a Nasa supporter.

Harrison Mumia shared his plans for October 26 with his followers on Facebook where he announced the get together.

An endless supply of wine during the event is guaranteed.

“Please confirm attendance for the NASA get together at my house on October 26th. Wine Guaranteed. NB: NASA ladies only!” wrote Mr Mumia.


Mr Mumia is on record for his support for Nasa leader Raila Odinga.

There were claims that the Atheists group had at some point sought to sign a deal with Nasa that would have guaranteed their registration if Mr Odinga won.