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Atheists have just edited out ‘God’ from CJ Maraga’s famous quote

Atheist in Kenya have edited out the words “fear of God” from the famous quote by Chief Justice David Maraga, leaving their followers divided.

The quote from Justice Maraga was posted alongside his picture on Atheists’s official Facebook page on September 2.

But the community seemed to partly agree with the CJ.

Their social media handler cancelled out the last words where Justice Maraga underscores the need to fear God.

Atheists do not believe in existence of supernatural being be it God or satan.

CJ Maraga has been described as God-fearing and an ardent Seventh Day Adventist Christian.

CJ Maraga gave the quote when he presided over the annulment of the presidential election result as declared by the IEBC.

The Supreme Court found that the commission had committed irregularities and illegalities in the transmission of the August election results.

A war of words ensued between supporters of the Atheist community and non-supporters as they debated on the ancient old topic of whether to believe in God or not.