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Atheists fault medical practitioners for abortion ban

By NYABOGA KIAGE November 21st, 2018 1 min read

Atheists in Kenya (AIK) have faulted the Kenya Medical Practitioners and Dentists Board (KMPDB) for banning abortions at Marie Stopes.

The group has further termed the ban on abortion as misguided and regrettable, insisting that abortion is common in the country.

In a press statement sent to media houses on Monday, AIK said that Marie Stopes is one of the few medical facilities in the country which offer services on reproductive health, education and access to birth control for women, leading to decline of early pregnancies.


“There is undeniable evidence that women continue to have abortions in countries where it is outlawed under illegal and unsafe conditions that often result in terrible tragedy. Kenya is not an exception,” the group said.

AIK further urged the board to consider ensuring that abortion drugs are administered to pregnant girls by unlicensed medical practitioners.


They said that abortion is an element of women’s right as it purely affects women and not men.

“A pregnancy to a woman is perhaps one of the most determinative aspects of her life. It disrupts her body, it disrupts her education, it disrupts her employment and often disrupts her entire life,” read part of the statement signed by Daisy Siongok the deputy president AIK.