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Kenya’s Atheists society formally registered

The Office of Attorney-General Githu Muigai has formally registered a society for atheists.

Members of Atheists in Kenya Society (AIK) on Thursday received their certificate, which was signed on February 17.

AIK President Harrison Mumia said the government should treat all Kenyans equally, and allow them to exercise their freedom of thought and association, provided they are not a threat to order and peace in the country.

“Laws, regulations and institutions should not discriminate against atheists or seen to favour certain religious positions, groups or activities,” said Mr Mumia.


He said the move to register AIK was historic both in Kenya and Africa.

He urged Kenyans to tolerate one another irrespective of whether they believe in God or not.

“We are a country of people with varying beliefs. Kenyans should not be forced to engage in religious practices. It must be voluntary,” he said.

He also urged fellow atheists to come out and not shy away from proclaiming their stand. Atheists have been opposed to the current form of religious education in public schools