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Atwoli brags of his bedroom prowess and Sh5m watch – VIDEO

Cotu Secretary General Francis Atwoli on Wednesday stunned Citizen TV viewers with self-praise on his new wife, his virility and Sh5 million watch.

The veteran trade unionist also opened up to Jeff Koinange about his lavish lifestyle.

Atwoli 69, confirmed his much talked about marriage to KTN news anchor Mary Kilobi who is half his age. This was  after he ‘released’ the initial second wife to go pursue politics.

“I asked my second wife not to involve herself with politics but she chose that path. The reason I was asking her not to pursue politics was because I needed somebody to take care of me and since she joined politics, I married Mary so that she attends to me” Atwoli said.

Atwoli met 34 year old Kilobi in Kampala 13 years ago while she was on internship at the Uganda Broadcasting Corporation.


At that time Kilobi was 21 and a student at Makerere University. Atwoli claims to have made a promise to marry her when she would be  old enough.

Jeff cheekily asked him if at his age he is able to satisfy the young Kilobi in the bedroom,  to which Atwoli responded; “Ninaweza mbaya sana. Katiba lazima usome.”

And asked whether he would consider adding another wife, Atwoli answered with an emphatic “No”.

Here are excerpts from that interview.

(Show host) Jeff: (Photos of Awoli and Kilobi appear on screen) Who is that?

Atwoli: That’s my wife.

Jeff: Number?

Atwoli: Aaaaaaah she should now be number two because the second wife went to politics.

Jeff: Went into what?

Atwoli: Politics.

Jeff: So she left you after politics or what?

Atwoli: Nooo, I have released her for politics.

Jeff: (Laughs) you released her for what?

Atwoli: She (Mary) is a cute, girl, a good cook and very loving.

Jeff: But she is half your age?

Atwoli: That doesn’t matter. There is no age limit between a man and a woman. Everywhere in the world.

Jeff: Lakini kazi bado unafanya (you are still performing)?

Atwoli: Mbaya sana. (Prolonged laughter from both).



The Cotu chief also bragged of his opulent lifestyle, giving details of how he purchased his Sh5 million gold watch by paying in installments.

“People were claiming that my watch is Sh2 million. They are undervaluing me. My watch is Sh5 million. Frank Muller. Bought it in Switzerland. You must have a certificate to own this watch. Its pure gold which I paid in installments” he added.

Atwoli suggested that President Uhuru Kenyatta could extend his tenure beyond the 10-year constitutional term limit so as ‘to continue fighting corruption’.

He also predicted that Kenyan have a referendum before 2022.