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Atwoli congratulates Ruto despite savage campaign disses

By Wangu Kanuri September 5th, 2022 2 min read

The Central Organization of Trade Union (COTU) boss Francis Atwoli has congratulated President-Elect William Ruto for clinching victory after Supreme Court affirmed his win.

In a message on his Twitter account, Atwoli said, “During COTU (K) Executive Board meeting on 17th August, we resolved THAT immediately after the Supreme Court judgement, we must thank and congratulate the victor. Consequently, we congratulate President William Ruto. We appeal to workers and Kenyans, in general, to remain peaceful.”

The Raila Odinga die-hard had severally declared in public that ‘Ruto will not be president of Kenya.’

The trade unionist, whose job description puts him in charge of all workers in Kenya, explained he fell out with Ruto owing to the President-elect’s reported financial dealings.

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He would therefore campaign against Ruto all over the country, referring to him in not so pleasant names.

Additionally, Atwoli claimed that once Ruto ceased calling him ‘mzee wa nyororo’ he would become the president.

In an interview, Atwoli said if Ruto came to him and asked for help to become the president he would help him.

“He is a very good leader; he is shrewd what he is lacking are good advisors and also chest-thumping. I will advise him correctly on how to become a president and I swear he will become one. But if he still calls me mzee ile ya nyororo (that old man who wears chains) he will still languish in those problems,” he added.

Emphasizing that Martha Karua will take over after Raila, Atwoli had earlier said that Ruto would not be on the ballot.

“Kenyan government is part of the global government on issues of integrity. If issues of integrity surrounding William Samoei Ruto were followed and checked. He could not be allowed to be on the ballot.”

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