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Atwoli says mzungu woman is not his house help, but Kenyans are not buying it

Cotu Secretary General Francis Atwoli has responded to online conversation about his mzungu ‘house help’.

This after a photo of a Caucasian woman, serving Atwoli’s wife, Mary Kilobi, at the couple’s home in Kajiado went viral a few days ago.

The photo was posted by Kilobi on her Instagram page with the caption, “Yes, it is that cold in Kajiado.”

With Kenyans making varied comments about the photo, Atwoli has now set the records straight about the Caucasian woman.

“Madam Pavic is not my house help as perceived, she’s an advisor on home management,” Atwoli responded to one tweep.

However, some Kenyans are insisting their is no difference between a home manager and a house help.

“One and the same thing Omwami,” @KLangat6 commented.

“Another improvised name for a househelp? Lead as others follow, papa,” @godfrey_mukolwe tweeted.

“Apart from house boy, maid, security, you mean you also have a house advisor? I now understand why you Uhuru advisor,” wrote @JohnMut96402866.

“Advisor on home management is an elite name for a househelp. Papa Atwoli I give you fear,” said @Swaka_Em.