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Atwoli addresses claims of snatching TV girl from her husband

Central Organization of Trade Union (Cotu) Secretary General Francis Atwoli has responded to claims that he has ‘stolen’ another man’s wife.

Mr Atwoli, who was speaking in Kisumu on Monday, denied the claims saying before he asks a woman for her hand in marriage, he always confirms from the parents whether or not the girl is married.

“Somebody recently tried to tarnish my name on social media claiming that I’ve run away with his wife… what a foolish man he is! My dad told me if you are still alive, don’t fool around with some peoples’ wives,” Atwoli said.

The woman at the center of the controversy is a news presenter in a local TV station.


“Even the several wives I have, I always confirm from their parents whether they are single or not. Therefore, I cannot take someone’s wife,” he added.

A politician from Western region had recently accused the veteran trade unionist of snatching his wife and threatened to take stern action against him.

But Mr Atwoli denied the claims saying that even before he married his latest wife, he sent his long-term friend Francis Wangari, a Cotu board member, to confirm with her parents whether she has another man or not.

Atwoli further advised all men out there who may be interested in his daughters’ hands in marriage to follow suit.