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Atwoli warns journalists off married women

Central Organisation of Trade Union (COTU) secretary-general Francis Atwoli has lashed out at journalists whom he claims have developed a habit of ‘eyeing’ people’s wives.

The seasoned trade unionist who is also known to consistently comment on political matters in the country, made the comment in his off the cuff speech at a political rally.

“Some of these journalists cannot even respect someone’s wife,” the 67-year old said.

“You can find them (journalists) staring at people’s wives and when you ask them, they will tell you (macho hayana pazia) the eyes cannot choose what to see and what not to see).”

Nairobi News could not immediately establish the context in which he made the utterances.

Incidentally, Atwoli recently got married a renowned news anchor who is about 30 years his junior.

The journalist is his third wife and this union was announced immediately after Atwoli publicly fell out  with his second wife.