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Australian arrested 3,000 times for drunkenness holds Guinness record for ‘most arrests’

By Hilary Kimuyu January 24th, 2020 1 min read

The Guinness World Records has clarified that that the world’s “most arrested” man in an Australian called Tommy Johns.

GWR set the record straight following erroneous reports that Ugandan opposition politician Kizza Besigye was this year named the most arrested man in the world.

Johns was arrested nearly 3,000 times for being drunk and disorderly. His record appeared in the Guinness Book of Records last in 1999.


“Regarding the record title, this record appeared in many editions of our book over the years, the last appearance was in 1999, On September 9, 1982, Tommy Johns of Brisbanne, Queensland, Austria faced his 2000th conviction for drunkenness since 1957. He had been arrested almost 3000 times at the time of his last drink on April 30, 1988,” said the Guinness World Record.

The booze-guzzling man reportedly died from a brain tumour in 1988.

Guinness World Records made the clarification after Nairobi News sought to establish if Mr Besigye had indeed been named the world’s most arrested.

“This is not correct. It does seem to have been very widely misreported,” Guinness World Records responded.

The fake reports had indicated that Mr Besigye had entered the annals of history as the world’s most arrested individual on Monday when the police took him away and detained him at the Nalufenya Police Station in the eastern town of Jinja.

Although the record is not actively open for applications, GWR does not encourage people to strive to break it.