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Why Australian PM ‘rubbished’ Kenya’s fast internet speed

Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull dismissed as “complete rubbish” recent reports that Australia has slumped several places on a global ladder of internet speeds, behind Kenya.

Mr Turrnbull’s sentiments come in the wake of statistics published by Bloomberg, indicating that Australia’s internet is still so slow that countries like Kenya, Russia and Hungary have a faster average internet speed.

The statistics also projected that Australia’s ranking will inevitably fall even further in the coming years.

According to Mr Turnbull, far fewer people connected to the internet in Kenya, and those that do can afford fast connections, which skewed the averages.


“One-and-a-half per cent of people in Kenya have access to broadband. In australia it’s 90 per cent”, Mr Turnbull said was quoted by The Sidney Morning Herald.

“You might have a handful of wealthy people with apartment buildings that have got first world telecoms in a country where the vast majority of people have got no access at all”.

The reports, based on Akamai’s most recent state of the internet findings, put Australia 50th in the world for average connection speed, below other Western nations like the US (10), Canada (20) and New Zealand (27), and with less than half the average speed of world leader South Korea.

Australia also ranked below many Asian nations and all but five European countries, but was only beaten by three countries in Africa and the Middle East: Qatar (32), Israel (33) and Kenya (43). In peak speeds, Australia ranked 64th.