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Why you should avoid Southern Bypass at night this Easter

Motorists have decried rising insecurity along the Southern Bypass at night this Easter season.

A motorist’s narration of his lucky escape has opened a discussion on the tricks being used by robbers to force cars stop along the highway.

The motorist recounted his journey to the countryside for Easter on Friday at dawn only for him to encounter two men who had placed machine cut blocks on two lanes along the bypass near the Kikuyu interchange.

“So I hit one of the stones and my whole front left wheel; tyre plus rim is shuttered into pieces; I manage to safely bring the car to a stop; thanks to God and the weight of the car I’m driving; it doesn’t swerve; it balances and safely come to a stop; Immediately I stop, two middle-aged men, say between late 20s and early 30s, appear with metal rods,” the man recounted.


Another vehicle hit the other stone and veered off the road as yet another man emerged from the bushes walking towards it.

“I’m out of the car and my family is still inside the car. I alert them to lock the car which they do and now I’m out alone; another car hits the other remaining block and this time this one veers off the road and hits the rail; one more thug joins the other two and now we about to be robbed,” the motorist narrated.

Luckily, a motorist approached the scene and stopped while hooting continuously forcing all other oncoming motorists to stop as well.

The three men then signaled each other and left the scene after seeing more than five vehicles stop.

Motorists have narrated their experiences on the same bypass citing wee morning hours and late nights as dangerous times to be on that road.


“I was on that road at about 3.45am and saw one of those rocks still on the ground in the middle of the road. Thankfully, I veered away from it. I initially thought it had fallen off a truck. Waaaah!! Pole sana to you and your family but thank God you are safe,” one user commented.

“Incidents like this has been reported so many times in that area yet nothing is done, the authorities have been notified about this issue so many times, I’m glad you are safe with your family, but what about those who will not have the same luck like you, something needs to be done, I don’t get it, officers have been informed about it but nothing is done, I read foul play here. The officers know it but don’t act, there is more to than meets the eye,” another added.

“That road isn’t safe my bro almost got robbed the same way near Ngong Forest with spikes. Luckily he didn’t stop. Reached home with two shuttered tyres. On the left side of the car. He drove with rims. It’s better to buy new rims and tires,” one stated.

“Sorry again guys, my family and I had a chance of having a chat with this family when we coincidentally were in the same stop over just a few hours after the incident, very scary!! and I couldn’t stop imagining how many times we’ve used Southern Bypass that wee hours so that we get to shags early as well. Thanks to God and the good machine they were driving,” another motorist wrote.