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Avril calls out deejays that do not play Kenyan music

That Kenyan deejays do not play local songs is a complaint that is all too familiar in the music industry.

It’s a tired old song but artistes, especially singer Avril have vowed not to get tired of singing it. The Yule Dame star was at a football match last week and was irked when she did not hear a Kenyan song play at the game and ended up calling out the deejay.

“I was annoyed that I was at a Kenyan football finale where the team I support, Tusker FC, won and there wasn’t a single Kenyan song being played, urban or traditional. Is that what we have become? A country with no identity? No culture that we have to borrow other countries’ culture when celebrating our own success?” Avril told Showbuzz.

The singer adds that she is not afraid to criticise deejays playing foreign music.

“It really saddens me. As an artiste I will keep releasing more music and I will speak up if I feel we are forgetting ourselves whether it steps on some toes or not,” she vowed.