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Is Avril doing better after leaving Ogopa DJs?

Songstress Avril has released yet another hit since her exit from Ogopa DJs.

The latest single Hello Baby has got her fans exited at the growth she is showing since going independent.

After her breakout with the record label, Avril released her first single Nikimuona in November and has now done it again in a record three months.

The Hello Baby video had been anticipated for almost a month since Avril and Tanzania’s Ommy Dimpoz shared behind the scene’s photos on Instagram.

Directed by Sync and managed by Rabbit’s Kaka Empire, the same label that helped her produce Nikimuona, the video is of great quality and variety shots that tell the story.

Shot in a magical Kenya type location at Naivasha, the love song is based on a long distance relationship perhaps telling the story of Avril who is dating a South African DJ.

Having featured one of Tanzania’s finest, the song is expected to receive a regional airplay across East Africa.