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Avril: Our love is alive and strong

Kenyan songstress Avril Nyambura has come out to announce that she is still engaged to her South African fiancé Muga days after questions emerged on why the couple had taken more than two to walk down the aisle.

“Our love is alive and well. We don’t have to announce to people about how we live. That is for reality show,” she told The Nairobian when asked if she was still engaged.

“Like I always say, my life is not a secret, but it’s private all the same,” she added.

Earlier in the week, we reported on the concerns raised by Avril’s fans on why she is yet to say “I do (or don’t)” close to two years after she announced her engagement in January 2014.


After the engagement, Avril even posted a photo of the ring and the face of her South African fiance, even as they travelled the world together, from China to South Africa, among other places.

But how long is it taking the two to finally walk down the aisle? So far, no signs of traditional ceremonies done before the big day have been reported, and if they have been done, they must be very good at keeping secrets.

What do we know about the two? Most of last year, both of them used to post pictures of them together in different places on social media, declaring their love for each other.

But since the beginning of 2015, less pictures have showed up on social media being together. Using the Instagram handle @muga30, very little is known to the public about Avril’s fiancé. So, there you have it: Avril is still engaged and on course for a grand wedding.