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Avril in trouble for posting picture of Maribe’s son on social media

By NAIRA HABIB October 13th, 2018 2 min read

Singer Avril has landed herself in trouble with her fans who have taken offense after she shared a picture of TV journalist Jacque Maribe’s son on her social media.

Avril shared the picture that captures Maribe’s son from the back while he overlooks his mother’s portrait at Citizen TV studios.

Ms Maribe has been making endless headlines for the last three weeks following her arrest after she was linked to the gruesome murder of businesswoman Ms Monica Kimani.

Maribe and her fiancé Joseph ‘Jowie’ Irungu, who is the main suspect in the murder are currently on remand.

Avril, who has recently made a comeback to music after taking a hiatus while she was pregnant, found herself on the receiving end of harsh comments from fans who chastised her for sharing the picture during the mother’s difficult time.

“Two voices of reason… aweke sura ya mtoto wake hapo awachane na jackie… that boy has nothing to do with whats going on… Haven’t heard Avril talking about what this story of Jackie teaches young ladies about love,” said d_mokeira.


“I agree with your point, she is sympathetic but I wish she would have chosen another picture, we barely see her own so she should not post Maribes at a time like this. I feel like its a sensitive issue all together, that kid does not need social media right now, you know how insensitive people can be,” wrote wanjiku_lil.

“The fact that you’re posting this is so hypocritical. am sure you wouldn’t want your baby’s pics all up on social media like this! Surely Avril,” commented ad_kh.

“Posting that boy’s picture is wrong,wrong,wrong,2 said njerikanini.

“I also don’t understand why people are posting somebody else’s kid would they want their kids to be put on social media by other people?” asked suzzy sue.

“Seriously Avril….. No one has the right to start circulating the kids pic.. He is not involved in this,” said Rexy Ndungu.

“It’s not right that you can’t post your own kids photo yet you want to post Maribe’s son. Common Avril the kid is going through enough already.” said bellah_phenty.