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Avril’s ageless beauty baffles Kenyan women! What’s her secret?

Kenyan singer Avril Nyambura continues to astonish women and men with her ageless look.

For many years now, since her active play in music, Avril has been an epitome of agelessness, or rather aging with grace to many women, especially younger ones, with a section of them, always looking up to her for tips on how to maintain a youthful look.

Singer Avril Nyambura. PHOTO| COURTESY

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The singer has always left tongues wagging every time she posted a photo of herself on social media or recorded a music video as she flaunts her curvy figure and fresh face. 

Following demand from her fans about her secret to looking ever so young and beautiful, Avril caved into the pressure and, in 2020, during an interview with Milele FM, revealed that her secret to staying young and beautiful is eating healthy food, drinking lots of water, and avoiding stress.

She explained that among the things that help her stay young is letting go of things that trouble her and put much pressure on her.

“Usishikilie vitu (Don’t hold on to things you have no control over) for too long, as in just let go of anything that inakusumbua of course lazima ukasiririshwe na one two three four five things but the moment that imeisha imekutoka kwa system, let it go,” said Avril.

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Singer Avril Nyambura. PHOTO| COURTESY

She added that drinking a lot of water was very helpful, taking natural organic stuff and drinking wine.

“Drink a lot of what, kula managu, kula kahorora (pumpkin leaves), natural stuff hizi story za ma aflatoxin achana nazo, halafu pia alacohol achana nayo, if you have to drink alcohol, drink wine,” advised Avril.

Avril, however, has had her fair share of cyberbullying when it comes to matters of appearance. Back in 2014, the Kenyan songbird was harshly attacked by netizens after she posted an unsavory photo of herself having acne scarring on her face without any makeup on. 

Despite the horrendous commentary that flooded the comment section on the photo, Avril took a stand for herself and clapped back at online critics who tried to trample on her for something she had no control over.  

Currently, the mother of one runs her own beauty and fragrance company dubbed ‘My Everything by Avril’ which focuses on beauty products and scents aimed at enhancing the beauty and physical allure of her customers. 

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