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Avril’s boyfriend denies cheating on her

By JAVAN SAMORA February 20th, 2016 1 min read

Avril’s South African boyfriend, Mr Muga, has come out to deny accusations infidelity following the exposure of his photos with Big Brother Africa winner Delish Mathews.

Avril and Muga became a topic of discussion this week after the latter posted a photo on Instagram while in Windhoek enjoying a meal with Delish on Valentine’s Day. A day later, Delish shared a photo collage of herself with Muga at a posh restaurant.

Avril meanwhile was working and had a Valentine’s Day show in Kakamega.

Muga first reacted to the rumours with a post saying that was his private life and that he didn’t need to explain it to anyone. But now he says he and Delish were having lunch while waiting for other parties to join them.

Avril and Muga have been dating for about two years. Delish has been married to her longtime boyfriend Stephen Gaeseb but the couple have had a rocky marriage.

Muga also took to Instagram to urge fans to vote for Avril who has been nominated for the best Female Artist, East Africa category in KORA Awards.

“Let me vote for the 10th time. Let’s get those votes in. Assumptions are just assumptions but a lovely heart will always shine and shine. Have a blessed Friday fam,” the South African wrote on Instagram, to which Avril respond with a brief comment “Thanks Babe.”

Javan Samora writes for Content Production Media, a Nairobi based media company that creates elegant content for print, online platforms, film and television.

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