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Avril’s relationship wrecker, Dillish Mathews, dumped by Adebayor

By Rajab Zawadi November 11th, 2019 2 min read

Big Brother Africa 8 winner, Dillish Mathews, has been dumped by former Arsenal striker Emmanuel Adebayor.

The 35-year-old Togolese striker, who plays for Turkish club Kayserispor, made the revelation about his break up with the Namibian beauty following in an Instagram chat with his followers.


A fan by the user name Nelao_Zl asked the striker if he would be visiting Namibia anytime soon to check on his girlfriend.

To this Adebayor responded with a firm no.

“@E_adebayor your girlfriend is here remember” another fan posed.

The fan, Nelao_ZL, probed further: “E_Adebayor” Why?

To this, the footballer, who also played for Manchester City, said he had nothing to do in Namibia.

“Nelao_ZL because I Have nothing to do there (In Nambia),” Adebayor wrote.

A spot check on Instagram revealed that the two lovebirds, who were always in each other’s comment section since they started dating sometime in 2017, had un-followed each other.

After keeping the affair in secrecy, sometime in November 2018 Dillish confirmed they were actually dating when she posted a picture of the two of them with a lovely message.


“Happy 1 year anniversary baby. You’re such an awesome man. You make everything so special. I can’t wait to make more memories with you my darling boyfriend,” she captioned the photo.

That photo has since been deleted.

Dillish is blamed for ruining Kenya singer Avril’s relationship with South African boyfriend Leslie Mugadza aka Muga at a time the singer had confirmed their marriage plans.

On the eve of Valentine’s Day February 14, 2016 photos of Dillish and Muga spending some quality time in Namibia emerged online.

The pictures went viral at the time as Avril spent her Valentine’s Day performing in Kakamega.

Dillish was trolled online with many fans branding her a husband snatcher.

She later defended herself by stating that they were only friends. A few months later, after the backlash, Dillish hinted that she was dating Adebayor before confirming the relationship in 2018.

The photos generated a lot of debate and few weeks later, Avril, who had been engaged to Muga two years, after they had started their relationship in 2013, confirmed her split from her ex fiancé, saying they needed time apart as their relationship was heading nowhere.