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Awful video emerges of boy brutalising younger kid as adult voice gives orders

Kenyans have been perturbed by a stomach-churning viral video that captured a young boy savagely brutalising a younger boy inside a well furnished living room.

In the amateur video that has been widely shared on social media, the older kid starts by landing heavy blows on the minor’s stomach.


He then starts slapping him on his head as the younger kids mourns in pain.

The person taking the video, who from the voice appears to be a man, is heard giving the older kid orders on how to continue assaulting the poor little boy.


The older boy then ask the younger kid a question, to which the minor responds by shaking his head.

Activist Oliviah Moraira alias Kabz NyarKisii, who first shared the video, asked members of the public to share it until the person taking the video is unmasked.

“Share widely tupate mwenye aalirecord this video,” she captured the undated video.