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Awinja: My dad did mjengo, repaired shoes as a side hustle

Fathers play a crucial role in the lives of their daughters and their influence can have a significant impact on their development and well-being. Fathers provide emotional support, nurturing, and a sense of security to their daughters. They help foster a strong emotional foundation and help their daughters develop healthy self-esteem and confidence.

Additionally, fathers serve as important role models for their daughters. They demonstrate qualities such as kindness, respect, empathy, and resilience which can shape their daughters’ understanding of healthy relationships and positive male influences. Their presence and involvement contribute to their daughters’ self-image and self-worth. By providing guidance and support while also allowing their daughters to take risks and learn from their mistakes, fathers contribute to their daughters’ personal growth and ability to navigate challenges.

However, when a father dies, some daughters can be deeply affected emotionally, psychologically and in various aspects of their lives. The impact of the loss can vary depending on factors such as the daughter’s age, the relationship with her father, and the circumstances surrounding the death. In Kenyan actress Jacky Vike, popularly known as Awinja Nyamwalo, case, her father passed on while she was still in high school.

“My father came home one day saying he is feeling cold and my mum light the stove for him and he started warming up and they slept but he never woke up,” Awinja previously revealed when she spoke of her early life.

On June 18, 2023, as the world celebrated Father’s Day, she penned a touching message to her late dad, wishing that he could have been around to see who she had become today.

“Happy Father’s Day to my (late) dad, ni huyo amenibeba kwa picha zote😁kwa hizo picha zingine ameshikilia big brother, the most hardworking man I know. Mjamaa alikua anafanya kazi kwa Kanjo, wanakaa bila mshahara for months but yeye ni nani, alikua na biashara yake kando ya kushonea watu viatu, alafu Ma baadae anaingia pale Majengo ama Shauri moyo kupiga mkebe yake ya Busaa, wish he was here now nimchafue na Crate smart ya Tusker , angefurahia, Sitawahi sahau gari ya pombe (Sorghum Sake) ilianguka pale Kije, alafu tukaenda kumsaidia kuokota Pombe, baadae tukaanza kuringia watoi wa jirani vile “Babangu ameokota mingi kuliko Babako!!!” 😁 I wish he lived to see my acting dream come true but … anyhu Happy Fathers Day in Heaven Mr. David Chagali Kigarave, Keep Resting in peace❤️

(He’s the one who’s carrying me in all the pictures. In the other ones he’s holding my big brother, the most hard working man I know. Yhe man used to work for the City Council and would stay for months without salary but who was he? He had hustles on the side of sewing shoes and would later go to construction sites or alcohol dens in Shauri Moyo for a tin of traditional brew. Wish he was here now so that I could but him a nice crate of Tusker. He would have been happy. I will never forget when one of those alcohol trucks crashed near Kije and we went to pick up bottles of alcohol. We later started flaunting them to neighbor hood kids “My dad has picked up more bottles than yours!” said Awinja.

Awinga is currently one of the most popular and respected content creators. He has partnered with big name brands including Kenya Revenue Authority and also performed for, among others, President William Ruto.

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