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Awkward moment: Body count revelation returns to haunt Kamene Goro

Media personality Kamene Goro was faced with an uncomfortable moment when a YouTube user shamelessly asked about her body count in front of her husband DJ Bonez.

A blogger posed a question about Kamene’s body count, despite the inappropriateness of the inquiry.

“Corporates abandoned you, and you’ve mentioned it was the lowest period of your life. How do you deal with it, and has your body count increased?” the journalist boldly asked Kamene.

The former Kiss100 host was visibly displeased by the question but managed to respond in a classy manner.

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Kamene, who was seated next to her husband and DJ Kaytrix speaking to the media about an upcoming show, handled the situation with grace and called for respect.

“Ah, guys, I cannot discuss such matters now. I kindly request that you accord me the respect of a married woman, and it’s quite offensive for you to ask a question like that when my husband is sitting right next to me. Let’s not be those kinds of content creators,” Kamene firmly replied, concluding the interview.

In 2019, Kamene faced public scrutiny over her private life after she revealed that her body count was 27.

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In an interview with True Love magazine, she shared that her disclosure resulted in backlash from various quarters, making it one of the most challenging periods of her life.

Kamene further disclosed that her then-employer sidelined her due to the revelation, but she stood by her decision to be honest about her experiences.

“It was one of the worst periods of my life. Not that I regret what I said, but the backlash was huge. A lot of corporates dropped me, and even my employer at the time [NRG radio] put me on an ice block. It was troubling just for sharing an honest fact,” Kamene said.

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