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Ayimba in trouble for failing to pay maintenance for his four children

Former Kenya Rugby Sevens coach Benjamin Ayimba stands accused of failing to take four children he has sired with two women.

The latest incident involves actress Gloria Moraa aka Nyaboke.

She has dragged the celebrated coach to court with claims he has failed to take care of their two children.

The two have been married or cohabiting for seven years.

“He has unfairly and unreasonably neglected and abandoned the two minors,” claims Nyaboke in the court papers.

“Without reason, Ayimba stopped providing shelter for the minors in October 2018, subjecting them to auctioneers in December 2018 with four months arrears amounting to Sh120,000 plus auctioneers fees of Sh30,000, which rendered them homeless.”

Failing to provide healthcare to the children

The coach has also been accused of failing to provide healthcare to the children.

Moraa also claims her children have been going without food, thus living an undignified way of life, and undergoing psychological torture.

“On several occasions, Ayimba has mocked me over bringing before this court any matter pertaining to the minors and if Ayimba’s discriminatory behaviour goes unchecked by this court process, there is a significant danger to the well being of the minors.”

The actress claimed to have walked out of the relationship when she discovered that Ayimba was in a relationship with two other women.

Two weeks ago, another woman, namely Fabrica Odhiambo, won a similar case against Ayimba after the court ruled she is awarded Sh20,000 monthly upkeep for maintenance of the couple’s two children.

Aged 44, Ayimba is a former national team rugby player and coach who is remembered for leading the Shujaa through the IRB series.