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Ayra Starr opens up about her stage name

Ayra Starr, the breakout sensation in the Afrobeats scene, recently opened up about the origins of her stage name, shedding light on the inspiration behind the moniker that has become synonymous with her musical prowess.

In a candid interview with Arise News, the acclaimed singer shared the evolution of her stage identity, tracing it back to her earlier days when she went by the name Oyin, derived from her given name, Oyinkansola. Explaining the transition, Ayra disclosed her desire to be known as “Ira” in Yoruba but preferred the pronunciation to be “Ayra.” To achieve this, she delved into an exploration, googling the term “Ayra,” and instantly captivated by its profound meaning.

The enigmatic addition of “Starr” to her name was a significant turning point, a gift from the revered music mogul and Mavin Records founder, Don Jazzy. Ayra expressed how Don Jazzy bestowed this celestial surname upon her, aiming to emphasize her stellar quality, signifying her innate brilliance and talent.

Since her breakthrough into the music industry, Ayra Starr has etched her name in the hearts of a global audience, captivating listeners with her mesmerizing sound and earning widespread acclaim, accolades, and international recognition.

The year 2023 has proven to be a monumental phase in Ayra’s career, marked by resounding success driven by her chart-topping singles ‘Rush’ and ‘Sability,’ both of which have enjoyed an immense commercial triumph.

Adding another feather to her cap, the prodigious artist achieved a groundbreaking milestone as the first Nigerian female lead artist and the youngest Nigerian nominee in Grammy history. Her sensational track ‘Rush’ secured a nomination for the prestigious Best African Song Performance category, further solidifying Ayra Starr’s place among the music industry’s elite.

Her meteoric rise and unwavering dedication to her craft have propelled her to stratospheric heights, setting new benchmarks and inspiring a generation of aspiring musicians. Ayra’s musical journey stands as a testament to her tenacity, creativity, and unyielding passion for creating soul-stirring music that resonates across borders.

As she continues to captivate audiences with her distinctive sound and captivating presence, Ayra Starr remains a shining beacon in the realm of Afrobeats.

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