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Azimio calls for an end to ‘colonial era’ taxes

The opposition-aligned Azimio la Umoja coalition has maintained its sustained criticism towards the government over its taxation policies.

In a press briefing in Nairobi, Wiper Party Leader Kalonzo Musyoka said taxation under President William Ruto’s governance was equivalent to a punishment for Kenyans.

“We remain opposed to the housing tax and its colonial undertones that make it look like the infamous hut tax of the colonial era. We are deeply opposed to the high PAYE (Pay as You Earn) rates that Kenyan workers are being forced to endure.We remain opposed to the subjection of retiree pensions to taxation,” He said

He further noted that the tax burden experienced by Kenyans was unreasonable and unsustainable and that the current regime had failed the test of being caring and compassionate.

“We also remain opposed, deeply, to the idea of subjecting farm produce to taxation. It is our position that forcing farmers to part with Ksh5 for every Sh100 they make from their farm produce is unreasonable and cruel. We encourage our farmers to resist this tax,” he said.

Further, the coalition noted that they still retain the view that the report must be implemented as is. It is also our position that the processing of the NADCO report and the bills should be fast-tracked.

“On the NADCO report, we have been adequately briefed on the progress, including several Bills, 9, to be exact, that have been lined up for the implementation of the report. We express gratitude to Parliament for the adoption of the report that was a product of bipartisan consensus and wide public participation,” he said.

“Regrettably, we have also been informed of forces in Kenya Kwanza, in and outside parliament, who are determined to undermine the report. We notify those forces that should any efforts to undermine or tamper with the report succeed, there will be a very heavy price to pay,” They said.

Further, they called on the government to rein in the Speakers of the two houses of Parliament and several members of the National Executive who are hell-bent on derailing NADCO.

“Those leaders have demonstrated a determination to delay, derail, or even kill the NADCO report, which is a negotiated document that pulled the country out of hostilities to the peace that obtains today. Nobody should take the present situation as a given or for granted.”

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