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Azimio isn’t a forced marriage! Makau Mutua tells dissenters to depart

By Mercy Simiyu December 11th, 2023 1 min read

Azimio la Umoja spokesperson, Professor Makau Mutua, has delivered a robust message to members of the coalition who oppose the National Dialogue Committee (NADCO) report.

Professor Makau openly encouraged dissenting voices within the coalition to leave if they could not support the NADCO report, emphasizing that Azimio la Umoja was not a forced marriage.

“Azimio isn’t a forced marriage. Please leave if you can’t support the NADCO report, which is the product of the party’s agreed democratic processes,” urged Professor Makau, highlighting the importance of unity within the coalition.

The NADCO report has become a point of contention within the coalition, sparking disagreements on its validity and alignment with the party’s democratic principles. These disagreements have contributed to the ongoing stalemate between the ruling Kenya Kwanza government and the opposition since the 2022 polls.

Azimio la Umoja co-principals Martha Karua and Eugene Wamalwa expressed dissatisfaction with the report.

On December 2, Karua, in a statement on X (formerly Twitter), labeled the report troubling and unacceptable, promising a more comprehensive statement in the coming week.

“I find the NADCO report troubling, problematic, and unacceptable. A more detailed statement loading in the coming week,” stated Karua.

Eugene Wamalwa, a NADCO member and Democratic Action Party Kenya (DAP-K) leader, voiced dissent over the committee’s report on November 26. He insisted on the alleged omission of crucial concerns related to the cost of living.

“I didn’t and will not append my signature to the NADCO report and have not and will not accept any sitting allowance for the same because I believe we did not do justice to the single most important issue to Kenyans; the cost of living,” stated Wamalwa.