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Azziad moved to tears with Colonel Mustapha’s financial struggles

Azziad Nasenya, a popular content creator and TikTok sensation became emotional while speaking about the state of Kenyan artist Colonel Mustapha.

In a heartfelt message to her followers in a TikTok Live session on Saturday, 7th May 2023, she urged people to be more compassionate towards others.

Azziad expressed her sadness at Mustapha’s situation, saying it had made her cry.

She also revealed that she had prayed for him.

Despite the challenges he was facing, Azziad admired Mustapha’s genuine nature and how he had not immediately turned to Kenyans for help before seeking a solution.

She emphasized the need to stop judging people and to understand that everyone goes through difficult times in life.

“Some people are so quick to judge him from his career but things happen in life. How he is so genuine and his first movement was not to come and cry to people online but look for a solution,” Azziad said.

Azziad told her followers that life being so unpredictable, could bring unexpected challenges.

“Financial stability can be temporary and can change in an instant. It’s important to avoid judging people based on their current situation, as it could happen to anyone,” she stated.

Azziad Nasenya encouraged them to focus on supporting and uplifting each other through difficult times.

“I have seen people going from grace to grass and its sad how karma doesn’t wait for long. We might be blocking our blessing by judging people,” she said.

As of Saturday 9:00 PM, a group of well-wishers led by Fauz Khalid had managed to raise over Sh600,000 for rapper Colonel Mustafa and his family.

Khalid has been keeping everyone updated on the progress of the fundraising effort, and by Saturday night, Mustafa’s mobile phone wallet had reached its capacity.

“We are at Sh600,000. Those trying to send cash and failing should try after midnight as he (Mustafa) has surpassed his daily limit. A pay bill will be up by Monday I am speechless!!” Khalid said.

He expressed his gratitude to the Kenyans who had come out to support Colonel Mustafa and his family, calling them heroes and angels.

In a recent interview with Eve Mungai, Mustapha made a heartfelt appeal to well-wishers to assist him in taking care of his sick mother.

The rapper disclosed that he requires a job or some capital to start a business to enable him to provide for his family and pay bills.

He further mentioned that his mother’s treatment for cancer is quite costly and has been weighing him down.

Mustapha expressed his willingness to manage a club or run a shop, but not music, as he seeks to improve his current situation.

He also revealed that he owns a shop that is on the verge of closure due to a lack of stock, and urged those who wish to help to send funds to his mobile number- 0722803924 until he can restock the business.

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