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Azziad Nasenya’s rate card has leaked, now everyone wants to twerk on TikTok

Kenyans on social media were left dumbfounded after TikTok sensation Azziad Nasienya’s rate card went viral.

Azziad burst into the limelight three months ago thanks to her viral ‘Utawezana Challenge’ twerking video.

Since then, the 20-year-old actress and content creator has seen her brand grow immensely, racking up followers on all her social media accounts.

The journalism student and influencer have since then received jobs from businesses as part of marketing strategies.

According to the rate card, she charges Sh100,000 for a Tiktok video and Sh50,000 for a live video on the same platform.

In addition, an advertiser will be required to pay Sh100,000, Sh50,000 and another Sh50,000 for Instagram Feed, Instagram story and Instagram Live respectively.

If you want her services on Facebook, one will be forced to cough Sh100,000 per Post and 50,000 for a live session on the same platform.

Weekly brand engagements

At the same time, one will pay Sh100,000, Sh30,000 and Sh50,00 for videos, mentions and placements on YouTube.

She also has a monthly package and weekly brand engagements where she charges Sh250,000 for one Tiktok video, one tweet, one Instapost, one Instastory and one Facebook post.

On Wednesday afternoon, the name Azziad was the top trending topic and it divided the opinion of Kenyans if she was that much or not.

Those in support argued:

Funny side:

Not in agreement and think she is overrated: