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Azziad Nsenya opens up on TikTok ‘stress’

Tiktok sensation Azziad Nasenya has opened up about how social media can be draining and advises netizens not to get hung up on the content they choose to share.

Speaking in a recent interview, the Tiktok queen said that she doesn’t fuss a lot about the kind of content she shares on the video streaming platform or the kind of feedback she gets.

“Social media can be draining sometimes. So one thing that I taught myself before fame is to detach myself from videos, or any content that I post. Unless it’s for a client which I know needs to do well. But if it’s just posting content, I usually let it go the way it’ll go,” said Azziad.

She further stated that focusing so much on the videos one shares only has a negative effect which only builds up unnecessary pressure.

“The moment you start attaching yourself to videos and how they do, it’s gonna take a toll on you. A lot of people are putting a lot of pressure on themselves depending on the number of views they get and that’s not something they can control. When posting a video, do it wholeheartedly, then let it go,” she added.

The 21-year-old also went ahead to advise those who are joining the Tiktok community in hopes of eventually gaining stardom to be consistent, patient, and do it for the love, not the fame.

“Be consistent. There’s this thing on Tiktok called shadow burning. There’s nothing like shadow burning. Like me, today I may have a video that has a million views, then tomorrow I’ll have another that has 15k views, and you know what, it’s okay because it’s normal. Not all videos are gonna do well. Be patient with yourself, and love what you do,” said the actress.

Being a public figure, Azziad’s rise to fame came at a hefty price as she has on so many occasions opened up about how being in the limelight had an effect on her confidence which made her consider quitting social media. She, however, decided to pick up from where she had reached and continued to work, drawing motivation from the mean words she received.