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Azziad: Why I stopped paying artistes who draw me

TikTok sensation Azziad Nasenya has addressed accusations that she fails to compensate artists who draw her portraits.

In a TikTok live session on Monday, Azziad explained that she receives countless drawings, each week, making it impossible to pay for each one.

“I wish you are in my position, you could understand why I am saying that. Do you know how many people draw me in a week?” she said, noting that it is also against the law for someone to draw her without her consent.

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Azziad explained that she already has seven paintings in her house that she has paid for, but she cannot afford to keep buying art every week.

“Nowadays, I can only say thank you if someone draws me. Kitambo (Back then), I used to say, you draw me without my consent, is okay, and I buy because they are artistes. I can’t keep on doing that. How much art will I buy in a week?” she asked.

During the session, a fan asked Azziad to comment on social media bullies, to which she responded that she would never waste her time discussing those who hate her.

“I don’t have that time to discuss people. I always tell you this guys, if you see people talking bad things about me, they have a problem with me,” she said.

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Instead, she encouraged her fans to report any online bullying they experienced so that the perpetrators could face the law.

“If someone comes for you online, come for them with the law. Don’t let people mess with your mental health out there,” she said.

Azziad, who shot to fame last year with a viral TikTok dance video to Femi One and Mejja’s “Utawezana,” also spoke about the difficulties she faced during the initial months of her career when she was subjected to online bullying.

She revealed that she almost fell into depression but was able to overcome it with the support of her family and friends.

In a final announcement, Azziad revealed that she will return to the screen as a main actor in the upcoming Maisha Magic and Showmax show, “The Old Pair.”

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